Remember your dress does not exist, till you have dreamt of it and we have created it for you.

  • Let's help you discover the designer in you, while you create along with us, plan your budget and dream your visions and we shall make your dress a reality.
  • Pause the minutes that flow away, come into our studio @Eden Terrace, sip a relaxing herbal/aroma tea and submerge yourself in creating and planning the special dress for your wedding. ( *Your dream dress * For your mother * For your sister * For the best girl & friend * For the Brides maids)
  • Lace, Jacquards, Translucent fabric, satins and Nets with beautiful motifs and embroideries to match with your dream silhouette. We also work with Natural, Biodegradable and Recycled options.
  • The Colour Studio is with colours inspired by Nature, indulge with us, in defining your favorite palettes for your wardrobe, Bride's maids and the Bride's Tribe. It could be even your Fabric Deco.
  • Origami or 3D, Draped or intricately Structured, we can create the silhouettes bringing in amazement.
  • Bespoke,  Affordable and Personally fitted


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