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become an agentAt HELA, we are always looking for more students (from within New Zealand, or internationally) to begin studying English at our school. If you are a professional agent or are in contact with a lot of people who might like to study English then contact us about becoming an agent.

How do I become an agent?

Firstly you should email us at info@hela.co.nz about your interest in becoming an agent, we will then organise a time to meet with you to discuss how our school works and find out more about each other. If all goes well we will send you the agent agreement.

What’s in the Agent Agreement?

The agreement contains a list of rights and responsibilities that you must adhere to when talking with potential students and signing them up for tutoring. It also lists our rights and responsibilities that we must adhere to. For example, one of the clauses in the agreement requires agents to act honestly and not mislead potential students. When you are given the agreement you will have time to read it over and consider whether you want to sign, discuss the agreement further or negotiate other clauses into the agreement.

What will my payment be?

Payment is usually made on a commission basis but can also be other forms of payment such as advertising on our website or at our school. We are open to suggestions. If you choose commission, this means that for any student that you assist to sign up for tutoring, you will receive a percentage of their fees as payment for your services. You may be paid weekly, or in one lump sum depending on how the student intends to pay. There are three types of commission:

Full-time Study Commission – you will receive a percentage of the student’s fees when they sign up for full-time tutoring. This is classed as 25 hours of group tutoring per week, or 15 hours of private tutoring.
Part-time Study Commission – you will receive a percentage of the students fees when they sign up for part-time tutoring. This is classed as 24 hours or under of group tutoring, or 14 hours or under of private tutoring.
Extended Study Commission – you will receive a percentage of the student’s fees when you actively assist them to extend their period of study. If they decide to continue to study on their own, there is no further commission paid.

Commission is negotiable when we meet to discuss becoming an agent. If you are a professional, full-time agent, it is understood that you would receive a higher rate of commission than someone who is not a professional or full-time agent.

What do I do now?

If you think you might be interested in becoming an agent for HELA, please contact us today!